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The Process

The PeaceLoveWeb design process is a collaboration from start to finish...and beyond.


It begins with me asking lots of questions... questions about your mission, your marketing goals, your vision, your design ideas and more. I take the extra time to know what makes your organization unique so your website stands out from the competition and reflects your culture and style.

Live Prototype


Early in the design process, I present you with a
live prototype: a working homepage with navigation that allows you to experience my vision for the site. Our collaboration continues as the prototype evolves, content and pages are added, and the website takes shape.




When we launch, your new website will be:

  • equipped with the required apps/plug-ins,

  • programmed with SEO,

  • linked to social media, and

  • displayed beautifully across all browsers and devices. 

You will be: delighted!

The Investment

PeaceLoveWeb provides up-front pricing for your website development effort as well as for all subsequent maintenance and enhancement work.  We like to be as transparent as possible to make your decision as easy as possible.    

Non-E-commerce Website One-time Development Fees:

$3,200 for a 6-10 page website

includes SEO, unlimited stock images, first-year hosting fee

$400 - $800 added for blog setup 

additional fees for e-commerce 

Post-Launch Support Fee Options:

Option 1) Annual Maintenance Contract, Hosting Fee, and Analytics:  $1400.
12 months of website edits and maintenance, not to exceed a total of 24 hours in the one-year period.  This option includes the annual hosting fee plus website analytics reports upon request.

Option 2) As-Needed Support without a maintenance contract:    $90/hour.

Annual Website Hosting Fee:

$200 - $300 per year without a maintenance contract.

Logo designs start at $350.

PeaceLoveWeb also provides up-front quotes for your e-commerce website, custom applications development, email campaign, social media, and print projects.
Please see my Other Services page.

Interested in a Quote for your project?  
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